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Press Release

USA Luray Primitive History,
 Living and 
Learning Park Coming Soon

Live a lifestyle of
Getting Back To Basics where
Elders and Youth Live, Learn and
Take Care of Each Other

Lots for sale in the Frontier Village section of the
31 acre quiet and serene private park in Luray. 
See Luray, VA USA History and Learning Park topo map 2 hours SW of Wash DC. 

Luray, VA Building lots for sale 10,000 sq ft low or no maintenance
  Wireless Internet Living To Learn Program in Luray, VA 

Welcome To
Living To Learn.org not for profit Program
You can become a part of the Living To Learn
Outreach Program - of Eldership Living Project Bringing
Elders and Youth Together on Taking Care of People Learning Park Village
Main Street Luray via the Internet
Proceeds help to support ABC Learning Park.org

Best Value Online Enrollment Packages

Learning Park Projects and

Home Office:  800 232 8570                      Fax: 703 852 4444               Email: support@livingtolearn.com

Living To Learn Stations - Where Sharing and Caring Is The Way of Life
In Luray Virginia  - We Get IT.... It's the Attitude of Gratitude
Of Caring and Sharing To
Make Caring For People The Most Important Purpose In Our Lives

Caring Together for Generations To ComeWorking Together

Gardening Together Teaching Community Support Together

Volume 1, Issue 032005      Living To Learn Press Release and Newsletter

March 2005

Living To Learn.org

Press Release and


Living To Learn Is All About Caring and Sharing and Getting Back To Basics in Our
Own Communities by:


Visitors Welcome To Luray, We Are Connected and We've GOT IT!
Taking Care of People
USA Luray Primitive History Learning Park and Village

Elders Spending Mentoring Time
With Young People

  Feel the freedom of a wireless network.

Small Main Street Business Owners
Having Fun Teaching Youth for a Day

You Can Provide Projects At Your Home
Living To Learn is all about sharing
ourselves at home and at Work -
Taking the Time To Share and Care.

Every Business Has Something To Share With The Younger People

Community Organizations Planning
Outreach Programs For all ages.

With a Living To Learn
Wireless Internet Station in Your
Location or Home

Quick Links...

What Is A Living To Learn Wireless Internet Station?

A Place that connects people with wireless internet and supports Our Community Plan With the Attitude of Caring and Sharing Resources, whether it's through their Business, knowledge and experience, or Sharing Time, ideas and concepts.

It's about Elders reaching out to the youth
and Striving to continuously
build and support a
caring and learning community.

Creating an Environment and Lifestyle for
Eldership Living for Seniors and
Welcoming Opportunity for
Young People to Reach out
Help Take Care of Others and Elders for Generations To Come.

Do you want to join us reach out to others?
Do You Want to Join us To
Reach Out To Others?
If you want to be a part of our
Living To Learn and Eldership Living Project,

Join Our Mailing List

Taking Care of Each Other

Living To Learn Helps Everyone
Find Ways To Help Others Learn

Living To Learn is About Taking Care of Each Other and Sharing in a Caring Way -
Getting Back to Basics.

How You Can Be Involved
By Signing up for Living To Learn Programs and Activities.
 A major part of the scope of this project is to bring various Elders to share their
time, experience, disciplines of various trades with younger people that want to
  learn and share their time with elders in their community.

If you want to submit information about how
you would like to participate please drop us a line.
Bonnie Kaufmann
Local Provider Sponsor for
Living To Learn.Org in Luray, VA

You Can Get Listed as a Supporter of Living To Learn
When You enroll now

               Wireless for your work students doing home work
Neighbors Remembering How Good It Is
To Take Time To Share and Care

 Come see what we are up to. Exciting things are happening as we develop the Living To Learn Stations in Page County, Luray, Virginia within 2 hours drive of Washington DC.

We offer lots for sale for elders and young families that want to get back to basics and live the good life surrounded by mountains and people that take care of each other.

Making Time To Set A Good Example
To Our Sons and Daughters and Neighbors
Heritage Is From Sharing and Caring


Come One Come All  and Start A
Living To Learn lifestyle with your family.

In The Garden There's Much To Learn about LifeEveryone is invited to take advantage of The Living To Learn Program.  It's all about a New Attitude... Providing a  caring environment in our community for our youth. Teaching by Learning also helps us to provide the ability to reach out to touch younger people with our Living To Learn atmosphere and attitudes and programs in the park. 
Every Elder contributes and Can Tell their Life Stories On the Internet and to the Younger People so we can Learn and Connect and Everyone Can Reminisce and grow to appreciate and spend quality time with different people of all kinds.  We encourage and provide wireless internet available through the Living To Learn courses in our educational and rehab programs in our USA Luray Primitive History Park in Luray, VA.

More To Come Soon With
The Virtual Learning Park and Living To Learn Programs for Young and Elders

Think of The What The Learning Park's affect Could Be On Your Well Being  -
Caring and Sharing is
Very Contagious!


Story Telling Is A Wonderful Way To Share, Teach and Care

Getting Back To Basics Includes  Reminiscent Learning

  We call it Eldership Living

Interesting Reading

Story Sharing and Well-being

Books, Chapters and Monographs

by Howard Thorsheim & Bruce Roberts
Dr. Howard Thorsheim

Copyright ABetterChoic.org - All Rights Reserved for All Main Street Living To Learn Locations in VA.
For More Info email Support@livingtolearn.com

Wireless Internet Living To Learn Program in Luray, VA
Living To Learn is Sponsored in part by
SVTPS Technology and Provided by A Better Choice Foundation
Helping To Provide a Window of Opportunities to
Protect and Improve Our Quality of Life
Call 743 2664 about special programs
for organizations and groups

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